We are a new earth tribe of many shapes,sizes and colours.We are earth children , earth warriors , earth keepers , agents for change , many of us are just normal people - but then we are much more !

The time for a fundamental shift in consciousness has arrived - it is a time when many of the prophesies intersect - a transformation is required - alas, time to gather the tribe :

connection to earth and the inter­connection of all beings


our tribe’s primary vision -

indigenous and eastern wisdom traditions

we seek to reclaim the spirit and reconnect with Gaia at a spiritual level

we aspire to a return to the yin , to the great integrity - we hope to inspire you with indigenous and the eastern wisdom teachings - including the Tao Te Ching - the journey of 1000 miles is beneath you and begins with a single step.

to our children , to all indigenous peoples and this beautiful planet we call our home

we say sorry and we accept that the conversation needs to become honest

As we enter a time when all life on earth is in danger , it is time for us to acknowledge the climate emergency and affirm the need for unity and urgent action as we move to heal the separation and disconnection with Gaia ,

the earth’s life support systems have been compromised by us with tipping points approaching and the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth is accelerating ,

where possible we will provide a platform for your voice and articulate your concerns .

our meditation and mindfulness events

we have a 'collective' and inclusive approach

and our meditation teachers and presenters are heart centred ,

we will share our meditation , mindfulness and awareness skills with you in a safe and loving space - often with a (dharma) talk but usually in stillness and silence. We will explore and encourage mindfulness based tools which will help enhance your mental and emotional health and well-being ,

we will encourage you to come home and be in your body and in turn to touch the earth with humility and simplicity - to breathe in the strength and stability of the earth ,

we will share skills that may help you to stay grounded as the storm approaches - to turn and face , to remain present and able to sit in the discomfort of the fear - remembering that the body holds your trauma, it remembers, it keeps the score.

to stop the war and be at peace with the earth mother

we accept and honor the earth mother

in all her glory and perfection and we reject actions that would compromise her in any way - even if it is described as being in the name of science or technology ,

similarly we acknowledge that our body shares that same perfection , intelligence and integrity ,

we believe the way ahead is not via your smartphone or in building a road to Mars thinking that it will solve the problems here on earth - but rather reconciling and being in harmony with the earth mother , with each other and within ourselves.

a new earth - and the skills

in the outer world we seek harmony

which will include skilful and right speech , action and livelihood .To change the narrative including a shift to that of “service”of the indigenous mindset ,

in the inner world we seek a shift to acceptance , self love and self compassion .

the future

you will need courage

and not to be afraid of the suffering in the physical outer world .By so doing nothing can and will stop you - you can be and do what you are meant to do - and be what you were meant to be, thus creating a ripple effect ,

we will encourage you to choose sovereignty (and to respect the sovereignty of others) and freedom whatever the price may be ,

we have entered what many consider to be dark times - some say a global dark night - and challenges ahead including a world where some will seek to redefine what is 'truth' and where censorship and surveillance are lurking - and for many the great epidemic of loneliness and isolation ,

if you like , we will help guide you on your quest - but always from a place of love , peace, non-judgment and non-violence .

your mission (if you so choose)

to start the journey by taking that first step

but this time with a new roadmap and moral compass - to change the default text from “Not me , not now “ to “Yes me , and yes now ” ,

to stop sleepwalking , to engage , to become responsible , to be authentic , to become your highest and best self ,

to help us envision , re-create and re-weave the most beautiful new earth garment the world has ever seen ,

..... but always to listen to the wisdom and healing song of your heart – to let go of any mistaken dread and to be true to yourself !